Hipsterr-gel.com: The Best Gel Base Coat For Clients

Hipsterr-gel.com manufactures excellent quality Best Gel Base Coat and the most common and practical way for you to remove the cheesy. Or sticky layer on the top of your gel top coat is by using isopropyl alcohol.

Best Gel Base Coat

Best Gel Base Coat

Best Gel Base Coat has an extraordinary, almost glass like sleek finish.

  1. Our notable bright non-wipe gel polish top coat is the suitable end for any gel polish utility. Developing a robust, protective and outstanding end result.
  2. Our coat gives an everlasting shine without the cheesy texture. so, It gives an everlasting shine without the cheesy texture.
  3. The coat give a layer of shine. On top of semi-everlasting nail polish. so, It is implemente on top of the second. One layer of colour after drying in a lamp.
  4. Our product balances the pH in the natural nail to the top of the line. For accepting acrylic and gel polish products.
    It is easy to use, this extremely-smooth no wipe top coat for gel nails is the appropriate manner to finish a gel nail trimming for a long-lasting, shiny end.
Colored Shatter Glitter Rubber Base Coat nail gel polish

Rubber Base Coat

  1. Our Rubber Base Coat is our most handy way of coat. so, We are know for the long-lasting nails with a high-shine finish.
  2. We provide specific end result for your sculpted nails.
  3. Our top notch excessive-gloss pinnacle coat will provide you with the most traditional completed look. so,No sticky layer after curing.

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